He Was Furious When His Boss Lied About His Pay. But He Did THIS When His Boss Asked Him For A Favor.

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He was dumbfounded when he received his first pay check and realized that his boss had lied to him. But when his boss asked him for a favor, he got the ultimate revenge.

I used to work as medic in the Canadian oil patch. I spent 20 days away from home at this remote work site where they were fracking gas wells. By the 20th day, I couldn’t wait to get home. I was excited to get my first real pay check in nearly a year and I was planning on paying off some bills and then getting blackout drunk.

This is where shit went sideways on me – I tore open the mailbox like a child on Christmas morning. Grabbing my check, I headed down to the bank. Opening the letter I froze. Wtf? I’m missing over $1,000 – a cursory glance at my attached pay stub revealed I was getting paid $75 per day less than I expected. “Okay”, I think to myself, “must be a mistake, I’m sure they’ll rectify it for me.”

The next day I went down to the office and met with my Ass-hat manager and a few other office people. We sat down and talked it over and I asked if it was a mistake and when could I be expecting the rest of my pay. AM looked at me squarely and said, “You won’t be getting that extra money, I HAVE discussed it with the rest of management and WE have agreed no one told you that you would be getting $400 / day. We only pay $325 to start.”

“Well I’m not saying you all told me I would start at 400$. You told me I would get $400 the day you hired me.”

He always had this creepy little smirk on his face and I began to understand the underlying reason.

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