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German Shepherd’s Reaction To Tiger Doll In His Kitchen Is Sending The Internet Into Stitches

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If you walked into your kitchen and saw an intruder, how would you react? Many people who have faith in the second amendment know what they would do. But for the millions of others who choose to remain unarmed, they would be in a standoff where either party could come out ahead. That’s the position this pooch was in when he sauntered into the kitchen and walked into a standoff with a fierce tiger. This young German Shepherd immediately went on the defensive to protect both himself and his family from the tiger bent on killing everyone.

But the poor pooch missed one crucial fact. The tiger in the kitchen didn’t have a heartbeat. It was just a stuff animal – a realistic one – but a stuffed animal nonetheless.

But the dog doesn’t realize that the menace is just a children’s toy. Instead, the dog leans into his natural feud with cats to take this standoff to a new level. He’s not about to let this “tiger” take over his kitchen and ruin his relationship with his family. So this German Shepherd jumps to action to protect his loved ones from the threat that has suddenly appeared near the cabinet doors.

Watch how cautious the dog is to approach the threat. And even though you know it isn’t real, it certainly does look it.

At one point in the video, the pup’s mom comes over and gives the stuffed animal a pet on the head. And with this, the dog realizes that maybe the big cat is not as dangerous as it first seemed. He approaches it with caution and gives it a really good sniffing. He knows that his owner wouldn’t intentionally put him in harm’s way. So perhaps this tiger is not as threatening as it seemed at first blush.

The original clip is shared below. You’ll watch the dog come face-to-face with the stuffed tiger and defend his humans’ kitchen.

The clip has been viewed more than 5 million times. And viewers like you shared hundreds of comments. The following are some of YouTube viewers’ most favorite.

“So cute! Was this GSD still a puppy? They don’t quite seem to have their adult dog confidence yet. 😉 I absolutely loved how your pup hid behind their owner and watched to see if it was ok. Guess who’s the protector? The human! It’s wonderful. 😀 Dogs should be able to trust us to protect them and keep them safe, and you are doing a wonderful job teaching that to your pup.”

“My Shepherd would have that thing pieces. Damn shame what liberals are doing, not only to you and me, but also to the animal kingdom and earth.”

Some viewers suggested that the owner should taunt the dog with the stuffed tiger.

“I’d have my foot behind it and scoot it towards him when he got close.”

“Give him a few days, and he will be humping it,” joked one dog owner.

What is your reaction to this humorous dog video?

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