How To Get Rid Of Pop Ups On Your Phone And 8 Other Phone Hacks You Didn’t Know

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So, it doesn’t hurt to know a few hacks that will make your phone work more efficiently. Here are some tricks you’ve probably never heard of that will make your phone more productive:

Become Anonymous

If you don’t want the person you’re calling to know that it’s you, you can block your number from caller ID by dialing #31# or set your to the appropriate setting.

Fast Charging/Prolong Your Battery Life

If your battery is super low and you need it to charge quickly, you can try putting it into airplane mode while charging it. This will make your phone charge much quicker. You can also try to darken your background so that the automatic pixel highlighting shuts off which will prolong your battery life.

Portable Level

Instead of dishing out dough on a bubble level, you can download an app on your Smartphone that will serve as a bubble level.

Delete a Text Instantly

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can set your phone to its Shake to Undo feature and just shake device and tap undo to instantly delete a text.

Portable Mouse

Your cell phone can be transformed into a portable mouse by downloading an app on your cell phone.

Get Rid of Pop-Ups

Ads are so annoying and can pop-up when we’re using certain apps. Putting your phone in Airplane Mode will prevent allow you to avoid interruption and will stop pop-ups.

Set a Timer for Your Music

If you like to fall asleep with the music on but don’t want it to play all night and kill your battery, you can use a largely unknown feature that will put a sleep timer on your phone and will turn off your music at a certain time.

Enlarge Your Screen Quickly

Double tap our phones screen with three fingers and pan around with three fingers to instantly enlarge your cell phone screen.

Save a Web Page

If you want to keep track of a web page you can save the page and check it out later.

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