After going outside, 85-year-old captures footage which is impossible to forget

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When there is snow, the entire world looks beautiful. It is the setting of a magical winter, which enables people to enjoy this seasonal beauty, whether it is walking down a pathway, or simply doing something boisterous. Playing in the snow is not entirely for kids; even senior citizens can enjoy it. Thankfully, one family has been able to capture everything in their camera for posterity sake.

On the 85th birthday, one member of the family had a simple request, which was to frolic in the snow like a kid, something that she had been able to do when she was a small child. She did not wish for candles, cake or any other gifts from her family. So, the least that the family could do was oblige her birthday wish.

After slipping out of her court, and while she was gently escorted into the wintery weather outside, her daughter and son-in-law hold of both her arms and gently lowered her onto the snow. Giggling wildly, she went on to have a grand time while her birthday wish was fulfilled. You have got to see this particular video in order to understand how spunky can a senior citizen get when it comes to enjoying herself in the snow. Happy birthday!

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