Grandma Sings To Baby – Baby Girl’s ‘Pitch Perfect’ Response Has Mom Hitting Record

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Babies love to hear people sing.
It helps them relax and even puts them to sleep. It’s not uncommon for parents and grandparents to sing to their babies on a regular basis. Most people would take their reactions for granted, but one mom caught her baby singing along with grandma.

Grandma starts to sing to the baby, and the baby starts to sing back. Luckily, her mom had her phone nearby to capture it all on video. Does the baby just like the song, or is it grandma’s voice that makes her want to sing along?

Mom and Grandma will always have this adorable video to share with friends and family.
They also decided to share it online. In the video, the grandma can be heard singing “I’m In the Mood for Love.” The song was written by Jimmy McHugh and originally sang by Dorothy Fields. It was also featured in the movie “Every Night at Eight.”

The lyrics to the song are:

I’m in the mood for love
Simply because you’re near me
Funny but when you’re near me,
I’m in the mood for love.

Heaven was in your eyes,
Bright as the stars we’re under,
Oh is it any wonder?
I’m in the mood for love.

Why stop to think of whether
This little dream might fade,
We’ve put our hearts together
Now we are one, and I’m not afraid.

If there’s a cloud above,
If it should rain, we’ll let it.
But for tonight forget it,
Cause I’m in the mood for love.

But for tonight forget it,
Cause I’m in the mood
Oh! What a mood!
I’m in the mood for love!

Singing to children provides many benefits.
According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children:

“Singing to a wee one is not only a wonderful way to encourage musical development, but it helps a baby bond with a loved one. Newborns should be sung to every day and often, it doesn’t have to be an actual song. It could be a grocery list, a nursery rhyme, or a pop song off the radio. Infants actually will respond to familiar songs and tunes by smiling, babbling, and even repeating the resting tone, which is the last note the adult sings.”

Not only does the baby try to sing, she even tries to match Grandma’s pitch.
She looks her right in the eyes as she sings, and it’s clear that she is really trying to sing with her. Grandma seemed to find it funny at first, but she managed to keep it together long enough for the baby’s mom to record their duet.

One day, this little girl may just become a famous singer.
If so, Grandma can take some of the credit. After all, she as her first music teacher, and mom even has the video to prove it. Grandmas make the best role models, and this little lady is lucky to have one that adores her so much.

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