Grandpa Makes Strange Looking Chair, Shows Off It’s Genius Use. Has Strangers Begging For One

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Spending time with the grandkids is something that all grandparents want. When they are younger, activities, such as watching a movie or reading together are age-old traditions in American culture. However, with standard chairs, it can be hard to do this when you have more than one grandchild to attend to. There are, of course, couches and similar pieces of furniture that will accommodate all people.

However, there are times when this just does not allow for the level of closeness that you need and these furniture items certainly do not move or rock.

Having a nice rocking chair is almost cliché when it comes to grandparents. You often hear people say that they cannot wait to retire, sit on their rocking chair on their front porch and enjoy the simpler things in life. There are dozens of styles of rocking chairs on the market, but most of them only allow for one person to sit comfortably at a single time.

However, one man has essentially revolutionized the rocking chair industry with his design referred to as the StoryTime Rocking Chair. This is a chair that a grandparent and three to four of their grandkids can all sit on at the same time, depending on the size of the kids.

Instead of just having a single seat and two narrow arms, this one has two arms, but they are wide enough for a small child to sit comfortably on. Concerning this chair, the grandparent would sit down and then one kid would get on one arm and another on the second arm. There is also room on the grandparent’s lap for one to two more children, depending on their size. With this chair, no one has to choose who gets to read with their grandma or grandpa because it can easily be a group activity. Of course, due to the chair’s design, every person is able to be comfortable.

Hal Taylor is the brains behind this cool invention. He has spent 24 years working as a wood craftsman, so it is no surprise that he would be able to come up with something like this. Once he had his third child, he quickly discovered that he was not able to easily and comfortably read to all of his children at the same time. Since reading together was very important to him, he set out to find a way to make it possible.

It did not take long for his stroke of genius to result in this chair. The chair itself is made from high-quality wood, making it possible to support the weight of an adult and several children at the same time. Like a regular rocking chair, it does rock, so when grandparents want to soothe their grandkids, this is easily possible and can be done while everyone is reading together.

This rocking chair is certainly going to make a big difference in the lives of grandparents and their grandkids. It makes it possible for them to bond even more when reading together.

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