This Guy Can Sing A Song Meant For Two All By Himself. Unbelievable Talent!

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They say fate works like magic. No one expects something to happen until it does, and that’s how Marcelito’s life seems to work.

Mercelito Pomoy and his sister were put up for adoption at a young age. Luckily for them, they got adopted by a cop who loved and provided them with everything. They lived a good life. At some point, Mercilito discovered something about himself. He could sing both in soprano and tenor!

Fast-forward years later, and Mercilio is now a great artist respected and famed the world over. He blasted into the world stage when he went into competition on Philipina’s Got Talent and totally aced it!

Watch this clip and witness the moment this guy takes on a popular song,” The Prayer.” He starts out normally, and then utilizes his special vocal talent in a way that stuns everyone!

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