When This Guy Starts Some “Trouble,” Not Even The Judges Can Keep It Down. What A Voice!

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In 2013, someone got into a singing competition in the U.K and stole the people’s hearts. Matt Henry isjust an ordinary person employed as an animal rescue worker. But Matt has other dreams and talents. This guy loves singing, and that’s what led him into the contest.

So, it’s 2013, and Matt is on stage – all bent to make an impression before the judges. On this occasion, the smart singer decided to take on a special song, “Trouble,” by Ray LaMontagne. From what you’ll see here, you won’t have a choice but to pronounce one Matt Henry a really talented singer. The fact that he could put a “spin” on the classic to give it a more soulful appeal makes things all the more admirable. He’s such a guy!

By the end of the performance, his family was all wild withexcitement. The judges were already in love with is singing. You’ll love it too!

Although he didn’twin theannual contest, it was apparent that this guy was destined for greatness. Watch his blazing performance in this video, and if it warms your heart as much as it did all of us, SHARE it on Facebook!

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