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Guy Yielding Sword Tries To Impress Girl Close By. Ends In Utter Embarrassment [video]

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So, you know that friend you have that says “hey guys, check this out,” and you just know to get 911 on speed dial? Yeah, we all know that guy. He is permanently banned from pool parties and hunting trips.

Well, apparently, he got a samurai sword, and decided to make a video demonstrating his mad ninja skills on a defenseless watermelon. You are going to crack up when you watch what happens next in this video.

Well, certainly the girl in the video gets the award for calling the shot before it happens. But who could have possibly guessed it would end so badly?

Apparently, anyone.

Still, the guy did have a really cool samurai sword, which got us to wondering about this almost mythic warrior class. We did some research and thought we’d share our findings with you here today.

The Samurai were the upper class of warriors within Chinese, and later more famously, Japanese society. They are first mentioned around the beginning of the tenth century AD in a series of poems called the “Kokin Wakashu.”

They usually belonged to a clan attached to a member of the nobility and their name derives from the term “to wait upon,” or “to accompany.”

In the seventh century, Japan instituted a number of social and political reforms that mirrored Chinese society. One such policy required 1 in 4 men of a certain age to perform compulsory military duty. They were required to provide for their own equipment and so this act exempted such men from having to pay taxes and were given training in tactics and strategies.

Over time, this group of soldiers rose to greater and greater status until they became the elite warriors we are familiar with today. They eventually established a centuries long period of relative peace which enabled samurai to involve themselves in other pursuits such as the arts and religion. Their codes of conduct became role models for the rest of Japanese society.

This period was abruptly halted when US Commodore Matthew Perry arrived in the 1850’s to force Japan to open up to American trade agreements. Confronted with a modern naval force and superior firepower, the samurai began a process of modernization themselves. Many were sent to Western naval academies to learn about new tactics and military theory, and Japan began to build its own contemporary fleet to defend its interests.

In 1873, Emperor Meiji ended the samurai’s monopoly on providing for the nation’s defense in favor of a modern conscripted armed forces. While they were allowed to keep their salaries, the samurai faced a loss of influence within public life, and many of their practices became illegal.

In 1877, some samurai rebelled against the new system in a bloody struggle at the battle of Shiroyama. From that point, they ceased to be a major political or military force within Japanese society. However, because they were among the best educated citizens, they became the first exchange students to travel abroad and learn modern business and political theories, which helped them later become the military and industrial leaders that shaped a modern Japan.

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