Here’s The Choir That Had Everyone Standing On Britain’s Got Talent. See What They Did!

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We’ve seen judges squabble about a performer’s quality, but what’s in this cool clip here is totally new. How do they even start “quarrelling” about the Golden Buzzer?!

Well, this situation came about when this global choir went on Britain’s Got Talent and did what many others couldn’t. The group, named “100 Voices Of Gospel,” took on a choreographed performance and NAILED it!

The judges’ reactions tell it all. You know about the Golden Buzzer, right? That thing the judges hit to make a sound that indicates their pure satisfaction in a performer’sability? Well, in the case, every judge found themselves “scrambling” to reach it first. They even had a squabble about it, with judge Simon Cowell accusing Alesha Dixon of overtaking him. It’s just that good. Even the crowd had to stand!

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