Here’s How To Seal A Bag Of Chips Without A Clip. I Never Knew It Was This Simple

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Have you ever stocked up at the grocery store, only to find that your snacks have gone stale a few days later? Maybe the kids left a bag of chips open or the crackers didn’t get sealed properly, but either way, they end up in the trash. In fact, Americans throw away nearly half of their food supply every year, totaling a staggering $165 billion in consumable waste. It’s a massive problem, but fixing it starts with changing the way we treat food in our own kitchens.

Step one is to avoid over-buying at the grocery store by making a weekly meal plan. Be sure to freeze any meats or vegetables that you won’t use right away. And while we’re on the subject of veggies, add aclean sponge to your crisper – it will soak up condensation and help keep things fresh. When it comes to dry goods like chips, it doesn’t get any better than the tip in this video. It only takes 3 seconds, and is sure to keep your snacks fresh.

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