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Home Looks Modest On The Outside, But It Is Actually An Extravagant Time Capsule From The 1970s

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Many of us wish we could step into the past and explore the world of yesteryear. If you have ever wanted to revisit the 1970s, here’s your chance! This house has not been redecorated since it was built in 1979.

The extravagant home was built by Ralph Levin. The man was the founder of his own scrap metal company, Sturgis Iron and Metal. He has exquisite taste for his time, and he decked his home out in full 70s gear.

Purple shag carpeting gives the home a funky feel, and there are plenty of areas to entertain. Levin had a bar built out of glass – this place was actually modern when it was first decorated.

The pinball machines and vertically-lined walls may seem outdated now, but they are a great comfort for anyone who misses that rock and roll dream.

Levin lived in the house with his wife, Renee, until he died in 2014. She died two years later, and the house has been vacant ever since.

This time capsule house in Michigan is currently on the market for $375,000. The listing agent, Dennis Bamber, believes this is the perfect home for a large family or someone who loves to entertain.

“It’s a house that was built to live life to the fullest,” he says. It certainly has plenty of space.

Bamber thinks the strongest selling points of the house are its size, location, and position in a safe neighborhood. It has plenty of places designed for fun, from an indoor pool to a pool table. It even has a sauna and hot tub. Each room exudes the elaborate style of the 70s.

The home’s interior is exquisite, but it has a vast expanse of outdoor space as well. 1.8 Acres of property lie outside the house, ready for the next owner to cultivate as he or she wishes.

Bamber is hoping to find a buyer as soon as possible. With an amazing property like this, he is sure to get his wish soon. This home is full of opportunities for entertaining. Whether the next inhabitants are individuals or family members, they are sure to love their new home.

“The pictures I’ve seen from the previous owners, looks like the kids had a ball growing up here,” Bamber explains.

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