Huge Choir Faces Away, But Instant They Spin Around Audience Erupts In Fit Of Laughter

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“The William Tell Overture” may have been created for the opera William Tell, but it has been featured in cartoons, commercials, movies and even used at sporting events because of its fun, peppy, upbeat nature. The song debuted in 1829, but it likely has never been used quite like it is in the video below. The show and chamber choir with Timpanogos High School in Utah are dressed in fancy gowns and tuxedos. But when they launch into their version of “The William Tell Overture,” the crowd cannot stop laughing.

The group begins singing the beat of this song and march into one long row, then they turn their backs on the audience – except for lone girl who faces the curious crowd. She then whinnies like a horse and elicits peals of laughter from everyone. Six of the guys begin galloping on imaginary horses and are joined by the girls. They gallop and sing together while a stoic row of guys in the back begin leaping out from behind the group. They all cluster together and pretend to watch the horse races, pointing and marveling at what they see around the racetrack.

Audience members cannot stop laughing over this energetic and comical performance. The teens continue to create interesting formations all while singing the entire time. The guys strut their stuff while clutching their lapels as if they are models on the cover of GQ magazine. When they march back onto the risers, the audience believes they are done. They bop up and done on the risers for a bit but then at the 2:23 mark, they do something so funny that you absolutely have to see it! It’s completely unexpected! This crew wraps up their routine with whimsical choreography and beautiful singing, then are rewarded with an enthusiastic round of applause from the audience. Be sure to check out their version of “The William Tell Overture” in the video below. It’s too cute!

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