Hugging Quadruplets Go Viral With 67 Million Views, But Two Have Hilarious Excuse For Refusing

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There is nothing cuter than babies hugging each other and showing the love they have been shown by their family and friends.

One mom recently caught her quadruplets in rare form. The sisters were hugging each other over and over again.

The four babies take turns hugging each other and going around in circles, but two of the sisters refuse to hug each other.

One of them clearly has a full diaper. She may have gotten it past two of her sisters, but one of them is onto her.

She doesn’t want to hug her sister when she clearly has a full diaper. The sister with the big diaper seems to realize the other sister is onto her and doesn’t care to hug her, either. They are both happy to give and receive hugs from their other sisters, but not each other.

The four sisters are also known as the Webb quadruplets.

They were born in Canada in 2016 to Tim and Bethani Webb. The couple got engaged in 2015, and a short time later, Bethani found out she was pregnant. She wasn’t just expecting one baby, but four. They were even more shocked to find that they were identical girls. The chance of having identical quadruplets is one in 15 million.

The girls each weighed about two pounds at birth, and they were named Abigail, Grace, Emily, and Mckayla. They had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks before they could go home, but they have all been healthy and happy ever since.

Telling the girls apart is sometimes difficult. Their parents had to paint each of their nails a different color in order to keep track of who was who.

The girls are growing up fast, and the family has their own Facebook page to share videos and information about them. VIDEO HERE.

They clearly get a lot of love since they like to give out hugs so often. You really can’t blame the one for not wanting to hug her sister with the loaded diaper. Hopefully, the girls continue to love each other this much as they get older.

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