Human Tells His Puppy To Stop Talking Back. The Pup Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

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Dogs and humans can get along wonderfully with one another. Whether you are sleeping, playing, exercising or just relaxing, dogs are the perfect sidekick. However, what about talking to your dog?

As in, hanging out and having a conversation? Well, this too is a common activity that most people don’t talk about. It’s actually pretty natural to talk to your dog. Obviously basic commands are given, but people will also sit down and talk to their animals just like they are humans. It’s hard to tell how much dogs are able to pick up on what is being said, and the emotions they feel, but you can tell that dogs indeed do enjoy it! Some studies have shown that up to 67% of pet owners believe their animals do understand their messages.

Actually, some dogs will initiate conversations. Here we have a case of a playful Husky named Sky who is talking to her buddy, Aaron Dissell. Matter of fact this conversation gets wilder and wilder as it goes on! Husky Sky ended up getting really worked up!

Yapping and barking in response to Aaron’s talk, and also tossing in some nips and pawing makes this a treat to watch. Clearly the dog wants to get the last word in, and perhaps put Aaron in his place. She’s the boss!

Eventually Sky had a foot gnawing issue that needed attending too, so she let Aaron off the hook, for now! Truly a funny video and very interesting to observe this weird dog and human conversation. Check it out and share with all of your dog loving friends and family!

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