An Instinct Told A Woman To Take This Photo Of Strangers – Weeks Later She Found Out Why

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Two of the things we love to share with you the most are stories of random good deedsand things we can’t explain.

This story deals with both.

It was shared by a woman from Ohio named Joyce Rhinehart, who felt an urge she could not explain and snapped a photo of a family she didn’t know.

But the most bizarre part is what happened next.

Rhinehart wrote that she was treating her grandson, Blake, to some ice cream after his tennis lesson last summer.

So far, it sounds like a very average day.

But when Rhinehart left the store, she noticed a family of four sitting on a bench, enjoying some ice cream cones.

Rhinehart says she felt an urge she can’t explain to capture the moment for them.

“Something urged me to ask them if I could take their picture which they did not hesitate to agree,” she wrote.

She took the photo with her phone and promised to send it to the family.

It may seem unusual, but Rhinehart says she has a habit of photographing strangers in public.

She says it’s her way of doing a good deed, by capturing their family moments.

“Usually, I do this on vacation,” she explained, “I know… I’m weird!”

But later, Rhinehart would write that “the hand of God” directed her to take this photo.

And once you learn why, it’s hard to say she’s wrong.

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