Johnny Depp Surprises Pink on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show and Her Reaction Is Hilarious.

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Oh, I wish to be her at that moment!

Outrageous singer Alecia Beth Moore, known to the world under the pseudonym “Pink”, since her childhood dreamed of becoming a rock star. A loving father often played the baby songs of the famous Bob Dylan, and the future star imagined herself standing on a huge stage and performing no less remarkable compositions.The young singer did her best to be noticed. The singer is a vegetarian and a zealous fighter for animal rights. She also actively engages in charity and takes part in various actions and projects to help those in need.Alecia Moore is in a relationship with a professional motocross racer Carey Hart. The couple have two children – daughter Willow Sage Hart and son Jameson Moon Hart. Celebrities and stars have their idols before which they freeze with delight.Here and at the singer Pink is a favorite actor whom she adores, this is Johnny Depp. Once upon on the TV show of JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE Pink described her first meeting with the actor: “It was the worst day of my life.”Pink was with her husband Carey, and Johnny Depp was there. Spouse of the singer wanted to introduce them, but Pink refused and hid behind the shelves. Depp himself approached the girl, and she spoke with excitement as a schoolgirl. Pink laughingly recalled that the conversation was not asked.The star said that she was always shy and blushing, only to see this man. The next time they met already on the show of JIMMY KIMMEL. On the air, the singer’s idol made her a surprise.He approached the singer, embraced her and they had a nice chat. It was a real shock for Pink, she was very embarrassed. Watch the hilarious video!

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