Judge drops the hammer on cocky law student who thinks he knows everything

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Some people, and you know the ones I’m talking about here, are just ingrained with a specific knowledge or mindset that just makes them… well, a**holes. Some days you find more of them and others you’ll see less, but they’re everywhere and they carry with them the full weight of their narcissistic tendencies. Take for instance this law school student in the video down below. He was dissatisfied with the ruling Judge Marilyn Milian from an episode of The People’s Court, but instead of letting it be and (as she says herself) taking the ruling to another forum, he gets pissy. And boy does he get pissy.

He decides to proclaim it’s all just the judges opinion, and that just so happened to be the motivation she needed to snap at young man who believes the world is there for his will. She chews him out for a solid few minutes, bringing up the fact that she herself taught at the law school he was attending and that he knows nearly next to nothing of what he should – not insulting his intelligence but definitely attacking his attitude. I mean, by all rights and accounts she should be attacking his intelligence. Satisfyingly, she finally does. How can a law student be so openly disrespectful to a judge, when that very person is likely well connected with other circles of law? Wouldn’t that be detrimental to your own future career? Idiot.

Needless to say, not only does he wind up losing the case he was arguing he also wound up with a $450 charge not including the court costs for the plaintiff as well. See, there are some times when keeping your mouth shut would do better for you than if you opened it up, I just wish there were more people out there more understanding of that fact. We all just have different opinions, I guess.

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