Judge rips off robe like Superman to fight creepy stalker in courtroom brawl

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It doesn’t take much to really piss some people off, but to piss off the one profession who’s job absolutely requires a level head you’ve got to be an exceptional a**hole. Judge John McBain had one of the most unorthodox court hearings in recent history when one woman’s stalker just wouldn’t take no for an answer. This repeat offender luckily wouldn’t keep his mouth shut, so his light county jail sentence was increased. And then it was increased again. And again. Then once more for good measure since the guy just would not shut up! I mean, at one point he had to have begun pretending he was in a reenactment of a scene from The Breakfast Club… but the idiocy doesn’t stop there!

While the cops were attempting to take the criminal away he resisted! It’s one of those moments where you can feel the hard-on of Justice deep in your soul, because we all know what happens when you resist arrest and this guy is a total whack job. Eventually it got to the point where Judge McBain took off his robes and joined in taking the guy down, an action which has come under a bit of scrutiny.

A few people have attempted to argue that the judge was out of line here and overstepped his bounds due to his emotions, but Chief Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson of Jackson County has disagreed with that sentiment. According to him a judge may use whatever means necessary to keep order in their courtroom, and this was merely a rare instance where physically restraining the man was an appropriate course of action. Do you think he went too far, or are you smiling knowing this guy will be in prison for a while?

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