JUSTICE: After a Decade of Cruelty, ‘Serial Dog Abuser’ Gets Prision Sentence

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(Pine County, Minnesota)Kathleen Doenz is no stranger to police. In 2004, she made national headlines after she was slapped with 84 criminal counts of animal neglect and cruelty. Among the charges: failure to provide adequate food and shelter to dogs, and a few horses she owned on her property at the time. Doenz was fined, and ordered to surrender her animals to an animal sanctuary chosen by the court.

In 2006, authorities met up with Doenz once again, when she was charged with animal cruelty for a second time. This time around, she was charged with four criminal counts of animal cruelty, was fined $900 dollars, and ordered to pay $6,300 dollars in restitution. Doenz was given a lifetime ban on owning any animals in that case by a judge who labeled her a “cold blooded serial dog abuser” as he addressed her at sentencing.


In 2013, the Pine County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that Doenz, and her 86 year old mother Gloria Carlson were mistreating animals at their property yet again. Authorities were able to successfully obtain a search warrant, and what they found shook them to their core. On her property, they discovered dogs, cats, chickens, and horses all living in squalid conditions. The animals on the property had little to no access to food, water, and veterinary care.


Pine City officials seized 22 dogs, 14 horses, 84 chickens, and 18 ducks. Some of the dogs were struggling to smell because they had been exposed to so much ammonia from the urine. Both Doenz and her mother were charged with five felonies, five gross misdemeanors, and four misdemeanor counts all related to animal neglect and abuse. She was also found to be in violation of a previous court order which banned her for life from owning any pets.

Doenz and her mother eventually plead guilty, each receiving a 90 day prison sentence earlier this year. Remarkably, Doenz violated the terms of her probation after she was released, and purchased 22 mini horses. She was rearrested, and sentenced to 1 year in prison plus an additional 5 years of probation. Finally, after a decade of treating dogs, cats, horses and chickens so harshly, Doenz is sitting in a Pine County prison cell for her actions. Justice has been done.

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