Kids Burst Into Tears When They Recognize Santa’s Face And Realize He’s Their Soldier Dad

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The Allison family’s morning took a shocking turn when a man disguised as Santa Claus appeared at their door. The children’s military dad, Danny, had been away for three months and told his family he wouldn’t be home for Christmas or their birthdays. But after some careful planning, Danny and his wife Jenny planned an unforgettable Christmas surprise.

The five sleepy kids, bundled up in bathrobes, sit scattered around the living room while a man in a red suit hands out brightly colored packages.

As Santa hands a bright red box to a chubby-cheeked blonde, the toddler peers curiously up at the bearded man hiding beneath the red hood.

Their mom pans the camera around to the drowsy girls slouching on the brown sofa on the other side of the room.

In a thick accent, Jenny cheerfully asks the girls what they’d like for Christmas. Their answer: three sets of drowsy eyes sullenly fixed on anything but the camera.

Santa makes his way over to a pink-robed girl, who halfheartedly utters “thank you” as she gives him a somewhat apologetic glance.

As if in a trance, she looks off into the distance, then blurts out, “That’s my dad?!”

The children break out in a fit of nervous giggles, as though unsure whether this is reality or a dream. Their soldier dad, Danny, lets out a roar and pulls two of the girls into a gigantic bear hug.

Danny loosens his grip and the girl in the pink robe crumples to the floor in a pile of emotions, as her youngest sister flings herself into her dad’s arms and latches around his neck.

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