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Kids Line Up Onstage. When They Turn Around, Girl In Red Dress Has Audience Rolling In Laughter

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There are many people who had to try hard to shine as a performer as well as there are certain who just cannot stay away from shine. They are the natural entertainers and performers who don’t have to try hard to shine in the limelight. However, daughter of Kelly Cardillo is one of those types. She doesn’t hesitate to give all as she gets in front of the audiences. Hence her performance in the elementary school Christmas choir show revealed how wonderful and natural performer she is. Kelly captured the hold act of her daughter in her camera and thought it to be wise of sharing on the internet for the rest of the world to see.

It was not usual for Kelly too. She was also stunned by seeing her daughter’s incredible dance moves. However, it can be denied that this little girl of Kelly is indeed a big personality and is full of Christmas enthusiasm. As the whole family returned home, Kelly rushed to the computer to upload it. She wrote that it was the Christmas concert at the school of her daughter and said to guess which one was her daughter. She holds no idea that her daughter performance is going to attract so many views on the internet. However, while watching the video, you can hear Kelly laughing at her daughter performance. The video gained 6.5 million times vies with 107,000 share and 86,000 likes. She seemed to be very excited in the whole act and hold up her cool moves. However, the facial expression of the little girl can’t be overlooked as well. Watch the video to know what makes it gain so much popularity.

This is my Daughter at her school Christmas concert. She brought the house down. See if you can guess which one she is

Geplaatst door Kelly Cardillo op zaterdag 16 december 2017

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