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His Kids Have No Idea School Setup Assembly For Dad To Surprise Them, Then They See Him

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One of the hardest parts of serving in the military are the long deployments overseas. And this is one burden shouldered not just by our fighting men and women, but by their entire family. Children are born, and grow up while mom or dad is serving our nation in some far flung corner of the globe.

Well we have just found a heartwarming story, thanks to Inside Edition, about a US soldier who has spent the better part of a year deployed to Africa. In this wonderful video, we get a front row seat as he surprises his unsuspecting children at a school assembly. You are going to melt when you watch this video clip.

Sergeant Antoine Gibeau has been serving in Africa for the past eleven months. He finally returned home to Connecticut recently and was able to surprise his three children, thanks to some help from his wife and their school’s principal.

This past Monday morning, Gibeau’s three kids, nine year old Tyler, seven year old Gavin, and five year old Madison, arrived at Prospect Elementary School, and headed to the gym for a scheduled school wide assembly along with six hundred of their fellow classmates. Little did they know what, or rather, who, was waiting for them.

Principal Rima McGee, speaking with Inside Edition, explains “Their mom came to see me at the end of last week. Since we already had a community meeting planned, I suggested surprising the kids at the end of the meeting.”

Still groggy from his flight which arrived in the US on Sunday night, Sergeant Gibeau says “I can’t even describe it, it’s so amazing. I didn’t sleep all last night.”

As the assembly drew to a close, Gibeau walked out onto the floor to jubilant applause from the crowd. Tyler, Gavin, and Madison shyly made their way towards their father and embraced him for the first time in almost a year.

Tyler said “I wanted to hug him.”

Their mother, Alisa Rosson, says she wanted to do something extra special, now that the three are mature enough to understand the reunion.

Principal McGee added “The kids were thrilled. It was a heartwarming moment for all.”

Reunions like this have become common experiences over the last fifteen years, as our nation has been fighting a multifront war on terror organizations around the world. Beginning with the invasion of Iraq in 2003, it became clear that our military was understaffed for such a broad conflict. Service members were deployed for longer periods, and faced multiple deployments during their careers.

It may actually be harder for the families they leave behind, especially when their are children who may be too young to understand the reason that a mother or father has to be gone for what, to a child, can seem like an eternity.

Community organizations around our country have tried to make homecomings more meaningful, even as the conflict itself has waxed and waned in popularity over the last decade and a half.

Have you or a loved one ever faced a prolonged deployment away from family? Please share your stories with us here.


Source: Deployed Father Surprises His 3 Kids at Elementary School's Morning Assembly by internetroi on Rumble

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