Kitten Drinks Milk From A Bottle, But Wait Until You Hear The Sound He’s Making… Too Cute!

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This baby kitten is so cute to behold and to hear as well. It takes its catnip from a small dropper bottle. Well everyone knows that cats love catnip, but this kitten takes it to a whole different level.

The animal cannot stop singing its love for the substance. As it licks the bottle, it melodically seems to say “yum, yum, yum” in various tones with each lick.

This should probably be the featured clip for a catnip ad somewhere. Sometimes real life is just as strange as fiction. The cat almost sings a Christmas tune as it licks each gulp.

There is no time that the animal needs to catch its breathe because it is too busy expressing its satisfaction. The owners obviously found this very comical as they captured the entire interaction on film. Perhaps this is not the first time that the kitten has sung tunes to its catnip bottle?

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