Ladies, can you tell when you’re in a room, restroom, hotel, etc., with a mirror or two-way glass?

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Have you ever been in a dressing room or bathroom and felt like someone was watching you? Mirrors are found in very common places. They’re in hotel rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, toilets, etc.; they’re pretty much everywhere. But do you know if it’s a mirror or 2-way mirror (you can’t see them, but they can see you)?

A two-way mirror is a piece of glass coated with a substance called micro pane. If standing on the treated side, you see your reflection. The untreated side looks like a tinted window. But can you tell the difference between a 2-way mirror and a regular mirror?

Well, there’s a simple trick that determines whether you’re looking at a mirror or 2-way glass. It’s called a fingernail test.

Begin by placing the tip of your fingernail against the mirror. If you see a GAP between your fingernail and the mirror, you’re safe, it’s a genuine mirror.

If there isn’t a gap, and your fingernail is directly touching your reflection, there’s a high possibility it’s a two-way mirror.

Remember: “If there’s no space, leave the place”

The next time you’re unsure if you’re looking at a mirror, use this simple test and you’ll know within seconds!

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