Little Girl And Dad Finish Dance At Bat Mitzvah, Then Wow The Crowd With Incredible ‘Rap’

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Supportive dads are just the best. When a girl has her father’s support, there is nothing she can’t achieve. This dad made his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah unforgettable by supporting her in an extraordinary way.

Mike Hanley is more than an accomplished comedian, he is a father. And judging by this video, he is a pretty great one. Every dad wants his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah to be special, but Mike went above and beyond to celebrate his girl’s transformation into a woman in the most epic way possible.

Mike and his daughter, Isabella, stood together in the center of the dance floor while their guests lined the edges of the space. Isabella was wearing a beautiful pink gown, and she was glowing with happiness. They had just finished the father-daughter dance, but they had another surprise in store for their audience.

Isabella and Mike each grabbed microphones that were handed to them from the sidelines. Then they shocked their viewers.

The two started rapping to “It’s Tricky” by Run-D.M.C. They bounced up and down as they each took turns saying their part. After this expertly coordinated piece, it was time for a remix.

The two performed a mash-up of popular rap songs from the past few decades. The audience was astounded at the duo’s phenomenal stage presence.

Mike proved himself to be an amazing dad. He supported his daughter the entire time, bringing his best energy to the performance and acting as her background dancer whenever it was her turn to spit a line.

As the more recent songs came on, Isabella’s guests really got into it. They bopped to the beat as the two sang along to “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore.

The girl seemed nervous at the beginning of her routine, but as time went by she really broke out of her shell. It is so cool that Mike would perform with his daughter like this. By hopping on stage with her, he is helping her to gain the confidence to chase her dreams and fight for success.

Nothing is more heartwarming than watching a father make time for his daughter. Mike and Isabella must have put countless hours into practicing for this recital, but it was definitely all worth it. This girl is lucky to have a father who is so talented, daring, and supportive.

This daddy daughter dance rap is the perfect combination of entertaining and inspiring. Watch it for yourself below.

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