Lonely Grandpa Left His Fortune To Someone He Thought Deserved It More Than His Family

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When a family member dies, they often leave their wealth to family members. Well, not in this case! In March 2013, Ronald Butcher died. He was 75. His inheritance was over $700,000, and not one single penny went to his family! The London Evening Standard reported that Butcher gave it all to a man named Daniel Sharp.


Sharp had cleaned Butchers gutters at no charge, and the two men had become friends. They had been friends for six years. Two months before his death, Butcher changed his will to name Sharp as the person to get all the money.


Of course, the family is trying to dispute this change. Sharp claims to have had nothing to do with Butcher changing his will. Sharp’s lawyer claims that Butcher was a lonely man and Sharp was a friend.