Man With ‘Devast8’ Tattoo On His Face Says He Can’t Find Work

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Tattoos have become more and more common whether it be with friends and family or in mainstream media. Whereas ink on the body would have been construed as ‘rebel-like’ in the past, it is much more accepted in the present day. However, a young man from New Zealand has said that he is having difficulty finding a job because of a face tattoo.
It is during his time in jail with his brother when he decided to get the tattoo.
What he originally thought was going to be a small tattoo ended up taking up a majority of the lower half of his face.
Mark Cropp is from New Zealand and he was in jail with his brother when he was sentenced to two years for aggravated robbery.

It was within those two years when he and his brother decided to get the word ‘DEVAST8’ tattooed across his mouth, cheeks, chin and under his nose.

The word was supposed to symbolize his nickname and not any sort of gang affiliation. The brothers were reportedly drunk on some improvised alcohol of fermented apples, sugar, and bread when the procedure took place.

In an interview, he said that he got the tattoo during a ‘rough patch’ and that it was initially supposed to just be a small tattoo across his jawline.

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