Man Kept Tailgating Her, Yelled & Made Angry Gestures As Her Step Dad Taught Her How To Drive. Her Step-Dad’s Comeback Is Genius.

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My stepdad is a driving instructor, I went to get my license pretty late (22), one day he was giving me a lesson and we were going over one of the possible courses that the test takes.

While we’re driving down a street in the suburbs a guy is tail gating the s*** out of me… really tough looking guy, looked pretty much exactly like scumbag steve now that I think about it…sideways hat and all.

Every time I come to a stop sign I do a full stop, obviously, and he throws his hands in the air and yells. It’s starting to stress me out, but my stepdad says “don’t worry about it, watch this.”

As we’re going down the street he says “OK, now in about 50 feet I want you to start slowing down a little bit and right when you are in front of that empty school zone, pull over to the right”. So I do it, right after I pull over, the guy who is right pissed at me now, takes off like a bullet. And about 5 seconds later a cop steps out from behind a tree and waves him over for going probably double the speed limit in a school zone.

We laughed. Hard.

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