Man Nurses Swan Back To Health – Watch The Magical Dance She Performs When Reunited With Lover

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Swans have a reputation for being one of the most romantic birds out there. When swans find a mate, their love runs so deep that they mate for life.

But is that the case with all swans? After a heartbreaking dramatic video that revealed that not all penguins mate for life, I myself am a little skeptical if all birds with a “mate for life” reputation actually do live up to their reputation.

But thanks to this heartwarming video below, these swans a perfect example of what it means to be a loving, devoted couple.

In early September 2017, this female swan fell seriously ill.

A rescue organization found the swan and took her in. They carefully nursed the beautiful bird back to health. The video below shows the moment that this recovered swan is finally being returned to the water.

Without hesitation, the bird immediately enters the water after being released from her carrying bag.

And like any proper homecoming, this swan had someone special waiting for her – her partner.

The moment the two reunite is amazing. They instantly begin a magical swan dance. Watching the way their heads come together and make a perfect heart shape is absolutely heartwarming. What a serendipitous moment to catch this loving performance on camera.

Now the two lovebirds can go on and cheerfully continue their happily ever after.

The inspiring video has earned over 55 million views on Facebook. It’s only 45 seconds long, but the impact of the touching video lasts much longer than it’s duration. True love doesn’t only exist with humans.

Men, take note. This is how you show unconditional love to your lady.

Loving swan reunites with partner, and it's magical

These swans are #couplegoals

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