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Man Plays Toy Guitar At Walmart And Instantly Goes Viral

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But the thrown-togetherness of this rendition is what gives it so much soul.

You don’t need anything fancy to sound amazing, not if the talent is there, to begin with.

He and his pal switch off on the verses as the camera haphazardly films the whole thing. There aren’t any spectators there to witness it in the flesh because, well, it’s 3:00 in the morning, but that’s another thing that makes this so fun. These guys were goofing around for an audience of Barbies just for the fun of it.

Millions of people have watched the YouTube video since it was posted at the end of last month, with more and more rolling in each day. Hopefully, this bout of attention will help boost Clay Shelburn’s music career. It seems like it’s working so far, with lots of brand new comments on his photos and posts on his Facebook page.

This is what I like to see – real musicians with true talents getting places the honest way. Shelburn really proves his talent on this little guitar made for children.

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