Man Pulls Over And Approaches Homeless Man, Doesn’t Know Bystander Is Recording Him

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There’s no denying that there is a big homelessness problem in our country.

If you travel to or live in a large city, you probably see signs of homeless people everywhere. Many people are so used to seeing them that they are no longer shocked by the problem anymore. In fact, a lot of people ignore homeless people simply because it seems to be the norm.

One homeless man was hard to ignore when he was freezing on the side of the road in Birmingham, Alabama.

One man noticed him struggling and walked over to him and literally gave him the shirt off his back. He also told the man that he would be back with food for him.

A woman standing nearby recorded the ordeal. She posted it online, where thousands of people shared it. She said in the post:

“Witnessed this man giving a homeless man the shirt off of his back, literally. Y’all, it is freezing cold in Alabama. This poor man was standing at a red light desperately trying to stay warm. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the guy proceeding to tell him that he was going to get him something to eat and that he’d be right back. I was in tears. This is the kind of people we need more of in this world. This is absolutely beautiful… #FaithInHumanity“

A lot of people felt inspired by the video.

Many of them posted comments on the post. Mark Sanda from Vestavia Hills commented:

“It’s always heartwarming to see people do the right thing. You know I think so often people just get caught up in the business of the day you pass someone like that by and you can become very cynical. So, when you see someone do the right thing it does warm your heart and makes you feel really good.”

Another woman shared her story of giving:

“I do it. If I see a homeless person I run to a nearby store and buy a big deli sandwich and drink. I drop off clothes I no longer wear at camps as well as can foods, bread and cooking items. I used to donate dog food when I had my store. We all need to step up.”

It seems that some people weren’t really surprised by the act of kindness.

The homeless man himself, Jim Hickman, said:

“People have done that stuff around here all the time. I got this one right here like two days before Christmas. Lady from whoever, CSX jacket, it’s water proof, it’s warm. Best jacket. I tossed my other one.”

He went on to explain that a lot of people help him every day.

He continued:

“Well since I’ve been homeless I’ve been more blessed out here then when I had a job and the bells and everything else.”

The identity of the man who gave Hickman his shirt is unknown, but local news stations are working to find out who he is, so they can recognize him for his kindness. He could easily come forward and take credit for the act, but as with most good Samaritans, he probably prefers to remain anonymous.

Hopefully, this video continues to make its way around the internet reaches many more people.

Kindness is contagious; when one person sees another do something good, they want to do something good, too. Maybe it could help a lot of other homeless people get new coats and, at the very least, raise awareness of the homelessness problem in the United States.

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