Man Sees His Dog Jump Into The Hot Tub. But When He Started Doing THIS? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

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Most of us prefer to relax in a hot tub after a long and tiring day. The warm water has calming effect on the body and it also known to be quite beneficial to your health. It also loosens up all your tense muscles. In this clip, we can see an adorable puggle enjoying the hot tub in the most hilarious way. He is going to crack you up for sure!

This sweet pooch is called Cuzzie and he likes the feeling of jets in the hot tub against his back. His reaction is the best. According to his owner, Danny Sam, “Cuzzie loves the jet in the hot tub against his back. He will hop in and press against the jet and croon his pleasure.” He also says that Cuzzie learnt about the hot tub on his own. He even goes in and out by himself every time he is in the mood. He likes jumping on the inflatable and riding around the pool as well.

Watch this adorable video below. Did this crack you up? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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