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Man Starts Singing National Anthem – But Keep An Eye On The Canvas In Front Of Him

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No doubts that the entertainment at the Arkansas Razorbacks basketball game was like something that happened never before. It was a real surprise for the fans of the basketball game to start the game with such an incredible act. However, it was not the skills of the basketball team of Razorbacks Men that surprised the spectators first but the performance at the national anthem before starting of the game was just incredible. As Joseph Everson, the well-known artist entered the court and took his position in front of a canvas; none did have the idea that what was going to happen. The popular artist equipped his hands with his two swords, the two paint brushes, and took a deep breath. He begins with the national anthem.

As he went on with the national anthem, his hands were making marks with white color on the canvas. His mesmerizing voice truly matched the painting that he was drawing. Neither the singing nor the painting did stop, that made the whole crowd stunned. No doubts that he is truly a multitalented person. None of the spectators had any idea that what he was up to. Though many may have tried to guess what the artist is drawing but bet that none have succeeded. While he scatters white paint on one section of the canvas, he made use of his fingers to dot on other areas of the canvas. But at no point did his singing got distracted. The painting was just great. His effort is fully visible through his painting which turned out to be a great piece of work. Watch the video to find out what the artist created that made all the audiences stunned.

Best National Anthem ever?

Geplaatst door Arkansas Razorbacks op dinsdag 21 februari 2017

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