Man stops feeding his cat and gives him balls… Now watch the food bowl when the cat finds it

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This guy wanted his cat to be healthy and he was tired of feeding the cat, so he came up with the most genius solution and it’s probably NOT something you would ever expect… You’ll see that the engineer is very smart, but so is his cat!

This man put balls around the house and taught his cat to fetch them and place them into a special machine as tokens.  When the cat brings the balls back and deposits them, more food comes out.  It’s a game for the cat, but also keeps the cat healthy!

I’ve seen a lot of interesting cat inventions, but this one is probably the coolest and craziest  ones I’ve ever seen.  This cat gets to hunt every day, but for a ball instead of mice!

I would have never guessed this, keep watching till the end… Watch the video below!

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