Man’s Confused When He Gets Pulled Over For No Reason, Then Cop Hands Him $100

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Among other things, YouTube is home to many prank videos. If you’ve spent much time on the internet, you likely know some of the more popular ones as well. Without getting too specific, there are couples who prank each other, families that prank each other and friends who prank strangers. While all of this is funny to watch (and is obviously good for views and ad revenue), these pranks typically come at the expense of someone else rather than at their benefit.

Fortunately, the good folks at Break are doing their best to turn this on its head.

Instead of picking on others in a mean way, they decided to “prank” people with a positive outcome.

They are calling this the trend of “pranking it forward,” and this video is a prime example of it. Everyone knows that feeling of dread when a police officer pulls up behind them and puts their lights on. A million thoughts run through our minds: do we have our license and registration handy? Are they up to date? Were we speeding? Typically these encounters end with a ticket (at best).

In this video, however, these encounters ended with $100 of reward money.

The Break folks had an idea to do a “good cop” who only pulled over motorists for following the rules.

As the video begins, we see the crew rolling around in a police interceptor following a man through a cul-de-sac. “Ok, lets light it up,” one of the men says as the sirens come on. Shortly after, the policeman gets out of the car and walks up to the driver.

“Do you know why I pulled you over? I pulled you over because you made a complete stop and you are a safe driver. Thank you very much.”

At the end of it, the man gets $100—but the fun doesn’t stop there.

The crew repeats this process with many random drivers and motorcyclists, all of whom are pretty confused by the exchange. Still, it’s hard to question anything that ends in $100 too much! At the end of the video, the team shows another example of a woman they pulled over and gave $100 to before revealing the prank. “Oh my gosh,” she says. “I really needed this!” With that, she hugs the director and is on her way. Don’t you wish that getting pulled over was always this easy?

Thanks to the guys at Break for coming up with #PrankItFWD!

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