Her “Mirror Selfie” Is Confusing People By The Thousands. But There’s A Simple Explanation

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I’ve never met someone who wasn’t at least curious to take a look at an optical illusion. And as images like this woman’s mirror selfie get passed from person to person online, optical illusions seem to take on a personality all their own. Viewers get obsessed with them and begin defending what they see as vehemently as they would political issues like tax reform. But as you’ll see, there is a reason that this woman’s selfie has garnered so much discussion in the days since it was snapped.

Although the woman was just trying to catch a cute picture, people refuse to let it go. And now that this optical illusion has gone viral, it has gotten almost as much attention at the black or gold dress or the couple at the beach. Optical illusions are hot right now and everywhere you look on social media.

One look at this selfie and you’ll be flabbergasted. At least the rest of the internet is confused, and we think you will be too. Just a glance at this deception image will make you shutter. But if you stop and examine it ever so carefully, you can probably figure out the illusion.

With her baggy windbreaker covering her torso, viewers are simply stunned by her legs. And you’ll agree that this certainly is a strange image.

The woman, who identifies as Marisol on social media, shared the picture and the caption that read: “yea I just combined vertical and horizontal stripes” and wound up getting much more attention on social media than she ever dreamed of getting. And she liked it.

Take a glance at the image, and you’ll see what looks like both of her legs. But they’re far too skinny to be healthy. But if you look closely – like very closely – you’ll be able to make out the optical illusion. As Marisol describes in her caption, it has to do with the pants’ vertical stripes. The black strip down the middle makes you think that those are her legs. But they’re really just part of the pant design.

Her body is turned to the camera, so you get a profile view of her. In other words, one leg is blocking the other. Those aren’t her two legs. This makes a lot more sense once you are able to see that aspect of the shot.

People quickly commented on Twitter about the optical illusion.

“for a second I thought the tan stripe on your joggers was the gap between your thighs and I ALMOST LOST IT.”

“This is more confusing than the white and gold/ black and blue dress that went viral in 2015.”

Some viewers likened this woman’s legs to the Despicable Me character.

Did you see two skinny legs or the true image? I definitely saw the tiny legs first and did not realize that the tan line down the pants was part of the design until much later.

We love sharing optical illusions with you.

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