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Mom Of 2 Sets Of Twins Loses 100 Pounds 3 Times – It’s All Worth It After She Gets New Look

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Have you ever tried to lose weight and spent years struggling to lose it all?

It feels so easy to gain weight, but nearly impossible to lose it. People are willing to try just about any diet to lose those extra 10 pounds they feel like they’re carrying around.

But for anyone who has tried a crash diet, you know that all of the weight you lose on the diet tends to come right back after you start eating normally.

Many women struggling with losing weight after they give birth. Once they gain the baby weight, it never seems to want to leave.

Kristina is a mom of two sets of twins who lives in Minnesota with her beautiful family.

During her pregnancies, Kristina felt like she was gaining a lot of weight and fast. She was gaining about 10 pounds every two weeks while carrying her twins.

After she lost the weight from her last pregnancy, Kristina’s mom nominated her for a TV makeover on the Rachael Ray Show.

“I have lost 100 pounds three times. I basically have been struggling with my weight for my entire life. At my highest weight, I was pushing 300 pounds.”

Kristina first lost weight when she was a teenager and kept the weight off until she got pregnant for the first time. Once she got pregnant, she started to gain the weight fast.

She gained and then lost around 100 with both of her pregnancies. Kristina is now at the lowest weight she has ever been during her weight loss journey.

“At the age of 14, I saw some weight loss stories that motivated me to get on my weight loss journey. It took me about a couple of years to lose about 80 years and I kept that off through high school.”

Penny, Kristina’s mom talked about why she nominated her daughter for the TV makeover:

“She used to cry all the time after she had the twins. Saying, ‘mom I can’t lose it again for a second time. It’s too hard.’ I kept encouraging her and I’d say, ‘yes, you can!’”

Penny felt that Kristina still thought she was heavier and didn’t want to wear tighter clothing to show off her new body. With the help of Rachael Ray and her bevy of experts, Kristina looks and feels like a brand new woman!

Can you believe how incredible she looks after her makeover? Kristina’s mom looked like she was ready to cry when she saw her daughter post-makeover!

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