Mom And Dad Of Idaho Girl Molested By 3 Boys Are Now Tortured By New Disturbing Surprise

News 1267

Ten months ago, Lacy and Levi Peterson’s daughter, Jayla, was reportedly sexually assaulted by three Muslim refugees in Idaho. The case stalled and nothing has been happening since then. Jayla, a special needs child, deserves justice. Jayla’s family deserves justice. The three boys (ages 7, 10, and 14) deserve to be punished.

Two of the boys, both Iraqi, took off all Jayla’s clothes and molested her, the third, from Sudan, pervert filmed it. A resident living in the low-income apartment complex where the attack occurred was able to scare the boys off.

Lacy and Levi say they have been treated poorly by the county prosecutor, the police chief, city councilmen and the local media. Local activist and family friend, Julie DeWolfe says that the three boys still go to school and live at home; justice has been denied.