Mom Is Not Allowed To Bring Treats To School After This Dessert Disaster

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We all want to be known as a clever, smart, and funny – right? Well, some people strive to make themselves known. In each industry, we have the top of the heap, the middle, and the low men on the pole. It is just the way of things.

Being a chef has got to be an exciting career choice. You get to come up with amazing food and share it with people! Trial and error. Not every dish comes out the way you plan. The following 13 pictures are some of the food errors that have happened. Thankfully, the people responsible were willing to share their failures!

1. Maybe this would have been good for a Halloween party?

2. I have no idea what to say here… OMG

3. Yep, not going to own a pressure cooker. Ever.


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