Mom’s Insecure About Herself – 6-Year-Old Son’s Perfect Reply Has Gone Viral

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Everyone needs a good pep talk now and again, especially parents! We look to our parents, our friends, and spirituals advisors for the words of wisdom that lift us up and keep us going.

But we don’t often look to children for this kind of advice.

But maybe we should. A video of a little boy named Knox giving his mom a pep talk recently went viral and it seems like this kid knows what he’s talking about. He gives his mom some pretty good advice. The video starts with this bright-eyed boy proclaiming, “He could do it! He could do it.”

We’re not sure what Knox is referencing but his mother has to remind him that “this is not a movie.” Leave it to an adult to rip away the hope, positivity, and childlike wonder.

“He believed in himself,” the sweet boy tells his mother.

“And you cant too!” Knox tells his mother earnestly.

He just laid out some real ish on his mom.

“Oh, man you gonna put it on me like that,” she tells him

“You can do anything that you want. You can get singing lessons. Get a better job,” Knox says. “Make more money.”

And at this, she laughs.

“You can be even, like rich!” Knox exclaims. “You could live in the White House someday. You could be President.”

“Me?” his mother asks.

“Do what you want to do,” he responds. “It’s not up to other people. It’s up to you.”

“It’s true,” she says more seriously. “I love you.”

I mean, is that a wise little boy or what?!? I wouldn’t be surprised if Knox grows up to be a motivational speaker.

I wonder where a little boy like that gets his wisdom from? Probably some brilliant children’s programming and the good nature of his parents. The internet was wildly impressed with this little boy’s wise words.

“I AM IN AWE OF THIS YOUNG MAN! Mom, u should be proud of your son, to be this young & have such wisdom at his young age,” said one Facebook commenter. ” He said it with such conviction & belief, that you could be ANYTHING u want to be, INCLUDING THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Bravo!”

You can watch this beautiful child’s rousing speech in the video below. Definitely, watch it if you need a little inspiration for yourself.

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