Mother Goose Walked Right Up To An Officer And Asked For Help. Now Watch… Awesome!

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Sergeant James Givens knows that geese don’t usually go too close to people, and that’s why he got curious when a goose walked up to his car and tapped. She kept tapping until she got his attention, and then she took a few steps away and looked back. The officer “decoded” the message instantly!

So he stepped out of the car and followed the mom. What he found? Unbelievable! Turns out, the goose had a baby who was trapped in some string, and since she couldn’t work it out by herself, she had decided to enlist the help of this kind officer.

The video captures what happened as James’ colleague stepped in to help as James filmed the incident. This so cool. After getting back their freedom, the two grateful creatureswaddled away squeaking their thank yous. Must watch!

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