Nursing Home Gives Veteran The Send Off He Deserves, Goes Viral (video)

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After a veteran passed away at a South Carolina nursing home, the staff decided to pay him the respect he deserved. They draped his stretcher with an American flag and then wheel him out of the facility with dignity.

The Richard M. Campbell Veterans Nursing Home in Anderson, S.C. would not let the deceased go without showing others how much they respected the service he had given to America.

So when Air Force veteran Douglas Timmons passed away on Wednesday at the age of 81, they knew exactly how to treat his body. He suffered a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, which finally took his life.

Although no one was there to watch the staff members show this veteran respect, they draped his stretcher with the flag at 5 in the morning. Although they didn’t think anyone was watching, they wanted to do it right.

Timmons’s daughter caught the scene on video and uploaded the heartfelt clip to the internet.

“Even at 5 am this morning with the few people that were available, they still honored him on his way out,” his daughter Laura Dorn wrote on Facebook.

Timmons had been enlisted in the Air Force when he was only 17. He joined without any reservations and left his life in Kershaw, S.C. behind to fight for the country he loved.

Because Dorn was willing to share the moment with her followers online, it went viral. As of yesterday, the clip has been viewed nearly six million times. That is a lot of people watching this nursing home show this veteran respect.

More than 136,000 people have shared the video with their friends and followers.

In the video, Timmons’s body, which is on a stretcher, is covered with a large American flag. Two attendants escort the deceased veteran down the hall until they suddenly come to a halt. When Taps is played, they stand at attention and honor this warrior who made it to the end of his life.

Dorn told Fox Carolina that the veterans nursing home has made it their tradition to honor their fallen heroes. They always do a procession with the deceased through the hallway even if no one is watching.

“They were good enough to arrive through the front door, so we want them to leave through the front door,” nursing home director Russell Evatt said.

Dorn was so proud that her father had served in the military and dedicated his life to the country he loved. The only reason she posted the video to Facebook was so she could share the special moment with her sisters who were unable to be there for the procession. She had no idea it would go viral as it has.

People all over the world have shared thoughts and messages with Dorn, she said. And many Americans have expressed gratitude for her father for serving in the military.

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Timmons leaves behind 15 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. He was a hero and will be missed.

What do you think about the way this nursing home honored this veteran?

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