Officer receives call about stranded animal, finds terrified sloth on the highway

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When we think of a police officer, we think of a man or woman who’s duty is to protect the public. Some police officers, however, go beyond the call of duty in order to protect those in need.

A local police station in Ecuador  received an urgent call one day. Although urgent, the call wasn’t about saving a person. No, it was about saving an animal. And it wasn’t a dog or cat — it was a sloth.

That’s right, the police station received a call that a tiny sloth had somehow become stuck on the highway. Fearing that this terrified sloth would tragically become roadkill, passing motorists phoned into the local police station so this sloth could receive help.

Watch the video below to witness the officers’ act in order to save this sloth. This sloth may not be a human, but its safety is important to the majority of us. Thank you officers!

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When officers found this sloth, he looked terrified.

After seeing the officers, his mood immediately changed.

Luckily, officers were able to eventually rescue the sloth!


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