She Panics Watching Boyfriend Sustain Terrible Injury, Then He Gets Up Holding Life Changing Surprise

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The world of crazy marriage proposals has gotten a whole lot crazier. What lengths would you go to in order to propose to your partner? Would you, for instance, pretend to injure yourself unicycling off a 13ft wall, and then amidst the confusion, propose to your girlfriend who is concerned you have broken your leg? Well – would you? Mr. Brandon Good did just that, as can be seen in a video that shows the entire incident.

The man from Alabama thought this was a “fool-proof” plan to convince his girlfriend, Haylee Moon, to say yes to him. Climbing on top of the short building, Brandon proceeds to dance around while Haylee watches from below. “This is the biggest stunt of my life,” Brandon says as he prepares to launch himself off the wall. It turns out that it certainly is – an engagement awaits him on his landing! Dressed all in black but also far from being a ninja, he is about to complete what might be the world’s most ridiculous marriage proposal.

Brandon’s acting is good enough to fool Haylee when he jumps off the wall and lands with a thump on the ground. The building in Cullman, Alabama is beside a grassy field which probably cushions Brandon’s landing somewhat. His friend, filming the incident, can be heard yelling, “hospital?!” Haylee, for her part, rushes to Brandon’s side and begins asking him if he’s ok. Brandon struggles for some time, and seems to be flailing about – even to the extent that he accidentally hits Haylee! She is confused but continues asking Brandon if his leg is hurt, and that’s when the trick comes into effect!

“I’m terrible at unicycling so I knew it was a fool-proof plan,” Brandon said. In the video, Brandon can be seen struggling to one knee, taking off his glove, and looking around for the engagement ring. Haylee is obviously still confused but her excitement starts to show – she says yes! While Brandon slips the ring onto her finger, Haylee throws her head back in relief. Not only is her boyfriend’s leg okay, but now she’s getting married!

“It’s the ultimate bamboozle,” Brandon said, before popping the question. Whether or not you want the moment of your engagement to be bamboozling or not, Haylee Moon sure didn’t seem to mind. For others, this moment of romance is perhaps better left away from unicycle pranks and the threat of breaking a leg. This is certainly a long shot from proposing over a romantic dinner of steak and red wine with a sunset in the background. But it is true – there are all different types of people in this world and that means everyone gets their romance in their own way.

Who knows – maybe for Brandon and Haylee the ultimate gesture is his creativity. In taking a leap off the roof in the video, Brandon is also taking a leap with Haylee. The wedding is set for June, and they should be wished every success in marriage – no matter how unconventional the proposal was.

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