People Are Taking Photos Of Unusual Visitors At Their Window & The Internet Is Losing It

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Some people go to great lengths to catch a glimpse of unusual, rare, or beautiful birds, but these folks didn’t even have to leave their home.

Have you ever looked out your window and noticed a sweet little sparrow perched on the sill? Or maybe an adorable hummingbird looking for a snack? These types of visitors are quite common for many of us, but what about a vulture? Or perhaps a toucan?

The 30 people who shared their photos below got more than they bargained for when they went to gaze out their window.

Some of these unexpected visitors are a beautiful sight, others are downright terrifying. You be the judge.

1. Nothing to see here, just a giant Emu at the back door.

2. Aren’t they known for circling around things that are dead or about to be dead? Not a good omen.

3. Now, this bird is just showing off.

4. Just a normal scene in Australia.

5. This gorgeous hawk knows how to work the camera.

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