Pet Owners Turning Their Dogs Into ‘Soda Pups,’ And The Photos Are Taking The Internet By Storm

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Puppies are adorable, period. End of story. If you don’t agree, well, then, you may want to reevaluate your life choices. But I digress…

Some people did not think puppies were cute enough just being their rolly polly selves, so what did they do? They dressed them up as soda pop! And, because puns are always punny, they dubbed their decked out dogs Soda Pups. Clever, right? So, how did this cute little trend start? Because you know 20+ random people from the internet just didn’t all decide, on the same day, to dress their pups up as Soda Pups and share pics with the internet.

Well, it all started in Taiwan with Intagrammer @yumiliu526. In January of 2017, she turned her Shiba into a dog cola and the craze just took off. Pet owners in the country have since been turning their pooches into dog cola by sitting them upright, placing a soda cap on their heads and wrapping their torsos in soda labels.

Some puppies look more like soda than others, but I think we can all agree that all of them are just plain adorable. Dogs aren’t the only animals that are in on the action either–a few lucky kittens have gone viral as cat cola.

Here are 12 of the cutest Soda Pups on the internet today, plus one bonus pic:

1. @panda_girl76’s cute little Jack Russells

2. @yumiliu526’s refreshing glass of golden pooch

3. This cutie pie’s sunday was definitely a #funday

4. @hughbrfcfan’s chunky little 5 liter

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