Photographer Captures Trees In Infrared Light For A Fascinating And Gorgeous Effect

Most of us agree that the world looks a certain way. We agree that leaves and grass in the summer are green, and the sky is blue. For millions, that’s reality.

But imagine seeing the world completely differently. Many people already do, due to color blindness, and when they see the world’s colors as others do, the revelation can be deeply emotional.

But they’re not the only people about to be amazed by what the world looks like with a little shift in perception. In fact, you’re about to be one of them!

Don’t worry, your eyes are fine. Photographer Przemysław Kruk, though, is going to show you the world as you’ve never seen it. Or rather, the world as you can’t see it but for the technology of infrared photography.

By altering the light waves that come through the lens, he’s able to completely change the way the world looks.

And the result is a dreamy, magical-looking place that you can hardly believe is our world. Take a look, and experience what it’s like to see in a different way!

[H/T: BoredPanda]