Photographer Shoots Bride And Groom On A Small Ledge Above A Valley

Photography 313

Photographer Jay Philbrick and his wife Vicki take their clients for terrifying photo shoots on a cliff 350ft above the ground in Echo Lake State Park, New Hampshire. They lower their subjects down the cliff and photograph them dressed formally with a majestic sunrise in the background.

“What I like to do is get people and get them out and give them an experience, not just some great photos but also a great experience that they will never forget,” says Jay Philbrick. “Some people think it’s not real, so we’ve really started pushing for a lot behind the scenes shots, ” added Vicki.

Back in the days, Jay was a professional mountain guide; during the cliff photo shoots he also works with a third photographer Justin Macomber and another long-time guide Marc Chauvin, so his clients are definitely in good hands. The Philbricks also love to explore other unusual settings, such as deep wells or steep snow slopes.

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