These pilots dug into some cookies appreciatively. But when they read the attached note, they nearly choked.

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Think about the job of a pilot. They are constantly transporting thousands of people through the skies on a daily basis. All those lives in their hands. It’s certainly a heavy responsibility and they always have to be at full attention every day. No doubt maintaining the highest level of safety possible is a huge concern that is constantly on the mind of the pilot.

Here we have a pilot named Chad. He shares one of his most memorable experiences as a pilot. It’s a story that has indeed touched many hearts.

Check out Chad’s wonderful story:

Airplane Cockpit

“Sometimes the most important gifts are given unwittingly. I set about checking the instruments in preparation for my last flight of the day, a short hop from Atlanta to Macon, Ga. It was 7:30 P.M. Christmas Eve, but instead of forking into Mom’s turkey dinner, I was busy getting other people home to their families.

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